Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of products do you manufacture?
We produce brass and aluminum fasteners in sizes ranging from 3/16” to 3/4”. We find it fascinating how these little parts hold so many things together that people and companies use and depend on daily. As the saying goes, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.
Where are your products made?
All of our products are made in the USA and have been since our inception.
What is the minimum order quantity?
The minimum quantity is 5,000 pieces, with price breaks at 5,000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 500,000, 1,000,000 and more.
What type of machines do you use to produce your fasteners?
Multi-Spindle Davenport Screw Machines
What materials do you use?
The majority of our products are machined from Free-cutting CDA360 Brass Rod. This alloy has excellent machinability, corrosion resistance, and is completely recyclable. Free-Cutting Brass is an affordable alternative to leaded steel, with the strength of half-hard 360 brass being comparable to G12144 leaded steel (formerly AISI 12L14). We also machine from 2011T3 Aluminum.
What shapes of fasteners do you offer?
Hex, round, square, and combinations of these. For instance, a square insert with a portion of it turned down to a round diameter.
Where is the source of the raw material you use?
Nearly all of our raw material is purchased from domestic mills. There are rare occasions in which domestic rod is not available.
Do you produce only standard sizes?
We produce a wide variety of brass and aluminum fasteners in both standard and custom sizes to meet your exact specifications.
Are you ISO certified?
The Quality Policy of Henefelt is simple – to provide products and services of the highest possible standards in order to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Check systems have been implemented to ensure that products are manufactured exactly to customer drawings, standards and specifications. Our Quality Control Department inspects parts several times throughout the manufacturing process, and a final time before shipping. Although we are not ISO certified at this time, we do follow the directives of ISO Quality Management Systems.
Are you RoHS compliant?
The RoHS Annex III exempts “Copper alloy containing up to 4% lead by weight” (Exemption 6c). Since the brass we machine contains 2.5%-3% lead on average, we are in compliance with RoHS regulations.
Are you in compliance with REACH?
The REACH Implementation Project 3.8 exempts substances in articles. Under the EU REACH guidance on articles, such products as coils, extrusions, rod and bar are considered articles, as well as products produced from them. All of our products are “articles” as defined in the REACH Regulation, and are therefore exempt. As supplied, there are no substances intended to be released from our products or articles under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use.
Do you use Conflict Minerals in your products?
We understand the importance of this issue and are committed to not only comply with all applicable laws and regulations, but also to conduct business on a foundation of integrity, trust and social responsibility. Since we machine our parts from rod bought from the mill, we do not purchase any minerals directly. The brass mill that supplies us with most of our rod states: “At this time we are not aware of the inclusion of any covered conflict minerals in our products that would require a finding of ‘not DRC conflict minerals free’.”
What types of industries do you serve?
Our products can be found in a vast array of industries with endless applications. Some of the more common industries include electrical, automotive, electronics, plastic molding, rubber molding, marine, lighting, fluid control and handling, communications, medical, construction, industrial equipment, agricultural and forestry equipment, home appliance, musical instruments, clock movements, plumbing, lawn & garden, aerospace, power equipment, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, hobby and sporting.

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