brassrodsAt Henefelt Precision Products, Inc., we produce a wide variety of precision-crafted brass and aluminum fasteners. We offer fasteners in both standard and custom sizes to meet the exact specifications of each of our customers. We machine from round, hex and square rod in sizes ranging from 3/16 inch to 3/4 inch. We offer unlimited thread sizes, in English and metric, from as small as 2-56. All of our threads are tapped square with the face to Unified Class 2b tolerances unless otherwise indicated.



We can ream, drill, thread, chamfer, counter bore, countersink, knurl, slot, turn, shave, taper, flange, groove or barb your parts. We offer blind holes to accommodate screws and plugs of set lengths without allowing penetration through the entire piece. We also offer through holes designed to accommodate screws, plugs, etc of any length. A large percentage of our products are manufactured to close tolerances.



At Henefelt, we’re proud to make service our specialty. Our team of skilled craftsmen are here to ensure that all of your fasteners are created exactly to your specifications and requirements. Our friendly office staff is dedicated to providing the utmost in professional service and to responding to your concerns in a prompt, helpful manner. Rest assured that you will always speak to a friendly and experienced customer service rep when calling. Unlike many other companies today, we do not believe in using automated telephone prompts and speech recognition systems.


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