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Precision Crafted Brass Products Since 1944

Today, Henefelt Precision Products runs a bustling production facility in Largo, Florida, that includes 38 multi-spindle Davenport screw machines and support equipment.

bill-srOur humble roots sprouted in 1944 when our founder Bill Henefelt, Sr., left his job to venture out on his own. Bill was employed by Cincinnati Milling Machine Company when he decided to start his own business. When he approached his boss about his plans, his boss replied that Bill certainly didn’t want to start his own business, and his boss was willing to prove it to him. “I’ll loan you a grinder and a company car to start, and when you’re tired of working for yourself, come back to work here,” said his boss. Six months later, Bill returned the company car, and the grinder six months after that. Henefelt Precision Products was born.

virginiaBill’s wife Virginia was active in the business from the start. They started out making products with centerless grinders in Cincinnati, Ohio. In the ’50s, they purchased both Brown & Sharp and Davenport screw machines to expand capabilities. By working with customers and constantly updating equipment to meet market demands, they were able to lay the foundation for the incredibly successful company we have become. In 1960, Henefelt Precision Products moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. Bill and Virginia built a 20,000 square foot facility in Largo, Florida, and moved the company there in 1972. We’re still based in Largo today, and are proud to call the community our home.


We’re also proud to have remained a family business for more than 70 years. When Bill Sr. passed away in 1984, he left the business to Virginia. In 1993, Virginia passed away, leaving the company to the couple’s three adult children. Henefelt is still owned by that second generation, operated by the second and third generations, along with dedicated employees that have been with us so long we consider them family too.


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